Ciao, I'm Valeria!

I invite you to join me on an inspiring journey to discover the delightful intersection between joy, a more simplified lifestyle, and the enchanting Italian culture.

As a certified Italian Language Teacher, my lifelong passion has been connecting with and learning about other cultures, while also serving as a bridge between them and my own. In 2019, I took a courageous leap, founding Vita Semplice in Italia.

My mission is to share my love for Italy and contribute to joy and fulfillment by offering engaging one-on-one Italian language lessons and unforgettable Cultural Retreats in Sicily. Let’s embark on this inspiring adventure together!

Embrace a New Approach to Learning

Leave behind the grammar drills, traditional lessons, and unnecessary pressure. At Vita Semplice in Italia, I focus on the sheer pleasure of immersing ourselves in the beauty of Italy, embracing mistakes as part of the learning process, and fostering a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, all at our own pace.

Who I Am?

As an Italian native, I’m torn between two incredible places: Bologna and Sicily. Sicily is like a comforting embrace with its calming sea tunes, connection to nature, and unhurried lifestyle that feels deeply rooted in tradition.

Meanwhile, bustling Bologna perfectly matches my love for food, energy, and the constant quest for learning. It’s a city that fuels my curiosity and keeps me inspired.

This contrast shapes my story—a delightful balancing act between exploring new adventures and cherishing the rich heritage I hold dear. It’s like walking a fine line between two worlds, each holding a special place in my heart.

Who am I when I’m not working? A nature lover who adores baking cakes; my favorite cuisine is Lebanese. Drawing is not my forte—I’m terrible at it! I enjoy walking and trekking but dislike running. I prefer intimate gatherings over large parties, where we can engage in deep conversations.

If these words resonate with you, let’s connect!

Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia
Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia

my services

Cultural Program in Sicily

In Sicily, passionate Italian learners like you will immerse themselves in the language, create unforgettable memories, and discover the culture, traditions, and beautiful places that make Italy truly unique.

Learn Italian 1:1 With me

Set out on a voyage of self-exploration and cultural immersion through our personalized Italian language sessions. Immerse yourself in stress-free Italian language learning while exploring captivating subjects that foster personal development.

My teaching Philosophy

You know what? I used to struggle a lot as a language learner myself! It’s not that I lacked the knack for languages, but traditional methods didn’t work for me. However, when I discovered my own approach, everything fell into place. I began stepping out, engaging with people—whether it was bargaining at the market in Murcia, chatting on the beaches of Las Palmas, or navigating the streets of Manchester.

After years as a language student and an equal number of years as a teacher, having met and assisted hundreds of students, here is my teaching philosophy summarized in three points:

  • Making mistakes is completely okay! We learn languages to communicate and connect with people from different cultures, so don’t be too hard on yourself and feel free to try speaking even if you make errors.
  • Every student learns at their own pace and rhythm. I respect and encourage each individual, and we’ll celebrate every little success together.
  • Don’t take it all too seriously! Learning happens best when the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. I do my best to create a welcoming learning environment where students can feel at ease.

Discover a world of meaningful Italian resources

Are you ready to dive into a curated collection of movies, books, and podcasts that will not only enhance your Italian language skills but also nurture mindfulness and deep reflection? Imagine having a compilation of intriguing resources at your fingertips as you embark on your language and cultural exploration.

This friendly and informative resource awaits you, ready to guide you through a world of captivating content. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore, reflect, and truly embrace the essence of the Italian language and culture.

Let's Connect!

If my words resonate with you and ignite a passion for Italian culture and language, I would love to hear from you.

Get in touch with me, and together, we’ll embark on a fulfilling Italian language-learning journey!