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Whether you’re planning to purchase a home in Italy, reconnect with your heritage, or simply enjoy the Italian way of living, learning the language will make the experience deeper and more authentic.

my story...

My journey into languages started with late-night chats between my grandmother, a New Yorker raised by Italian immigrants, and her American relatives. When she moved back to Italy at 12, leaving her siblings in the States, I couldn’t understand the international calls home she received in the dead of night. Teaching me English wasn’t my family’s top priority, so I settled for writing Italian letters that were translated for my little American cousins.

As I grew up, the need for fluent English became clear, especially after losing my grandmother. That then turned into a burning desire to speak English fluently. But, to be honest, achieving that dream was far tougher than I imagined. I spent years trying everything from English courses to immersing myself in Manchester’s culture: the accent remained a challenge.

Teaching turned out to be the answer. The need to communicate with beginner students was the breakthrough. It gave me an insight into the process of learning a language, and allowed me to help students remove frustrating roadblocks they faced.

Over the years, I expanded my language horizons, mastering Spanish, dabbling in basic Chinese and French, and even having some fun learning Finnish with my friend Ida. Now, this mix of experience, failure, and success is the key to helping countless students ace their Italian journey. I would love to help you with yours.

my teaching style

Customized Learning Experience: Each lesson is designed to match your specific goals and interests. By using content and materials that capture your attention and engage you, mastering Italian becomes an exciting and achievable exercise.

Approach: My teaching approach focuses on first, fostering conversational skills while dismantling barriers of discomfort, fear, and embarrassment. I encourage a positive mindset where making mistakes is seen as an integral part of the learning process. Relaxation is key for effective learning. We can then develop all language skills—listening, speaking, writing, and comprehension— based on your preferences and desires.

Fun ways to practice: we can read books, write stories, listen to podcasts or watch TV series and discuss them, delve deeper into Italian culture, explore current events related to Italy and the world, and tackle challenging linguistic and grammatical aspects in fun and stress-free ways. The content should be built around your interests so it never feels like work. 

Structure: Each learning path is unique, so I recommend booking a consultation call to discuss your personalized journey.




Ciao, io sono Valeria!

I am a professional Italian Language Teacher. I help people feel at home in Italy through tailor-made Italian Language Courses and Trips to Sicily. 

Let me be your guide to discover more about my language and culture.

Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia
Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia Vita Sempliceinitalia in Italia

How Does It Work?

  • Discovery Call: Get to know each other, discuss your goals, and tailor a lesson plan that suits your learning objectives.
  • Customized Program: Dive into personalized lessons, focusing on your unique challenges and goals.
  • Cultural Exploration: Explore captivating subjects that go beyond language, deepening your understanding of Italian culture.

Discover a world of meaningful Italian resources

Are you ready to dive into a curated collection of movies, books, and podcasts that will not only enhance your Italian language skills but also nurture mindfulness and deep reflection? Imagine having a compilation of intriguing resources at your fingertips as you embark on your language and cultural exploration.

This friendly and informative resource awaits you, ready to guide you through a world of captivating content. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore, reflect, and truly embrace the essence of the Italian language and culture.

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